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Chlorophyll and photosynthesis analysis

Chlorophyll a analysis (mg/3) by water matrix spectrophotometry (accredited ISO 17025, LE 1345)

Image analysis with flow cytometer and FlowCam technology

Characterization, evaluation of particles for sanitary, drinking, lakes, rivers and glacial waters.

Marine and inland water phytoplankton

Identification and quantification of functional groups of marine and inland water phytoplankton, accredited ISO 17025, LE 1001 and 1002.


Laboratory analysis of benthic macrofauna, organic matter and granulometry, field measurements of pH, redox and variables in the water column, accredited ISO 17025, LE 775 and 776.


Environmental Consulting

DEPOMOD modeling, a model used to predict organic carbon loads at a local scale.

Monitoring of FAN-POAS 2.0

Based on the study and monitoring of harmful algae and physicochemical parameters for the aquaculture industry, with an early warning system.

Operational Oceanography

Single beam bathymetry, to determine the topography of the seabed, biological, chemical and physical characterization of the marine sediment and body of water.

BAS and water quality analysis

In-situ sensors, "pollution-free", with real-time data capture.